After a family member contacts the mediator the mediator will reach out to the other family members who are concerned about the care and well-being of an elder in their lives and might want to be involved in the conflict resolution process. In this first contact the mediator will explain the basics of how mediation works and begin to discuss with each family member separately what their perspective is on the problem and what they would like to see happen. In this introductory call the mediator will inquire about each person’s interests as well as what their understanding is of the positions each of the other family members are taking, what would happen if no agreement is reached, what issues they think are non-negotiable, what would convince them to negotiate on those issues and what a satisfactory outcome to the mediation would look like. The mediator will also ask for suggested conversation guidelines they’d be willing to agree to at the mediation. The mediator may suggest some resources that explain family dynamics at a mediation for members to read before the mediation.