Amid calls to abolish the police — which would likely make most of us safer in most situations — the New York State legislature has enacted a welcome reform: on Friday, the measure to repeal Civil Rights Law 50-a was signed into law. That means cowardly cops can no longer hide behind this phony privacy law to keep people from finding out about discipline against them.

This officer appears to be advising his fellow officers to turn off their body-worn cameras in the aftermath of shooting Miguel Richards. Miguel was still alive at the time. The repeal of Civil Rights Law 50-a should make the officer’s disciplinary history available to the public.

Groups like the Innocence Project and the New York City Bar Association have been pushing for the law’s repeal for at least eight years. In recent weeks, they were joined by the families of victims of police violence. Hats off to the legislature for bringing about this important and politically fraught reform (up next: break the police unions).